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Preparing Your Business for Sale

Preparing your business for sale is all about making sure you will achieve the best valuation.

When we develop the exit plan for your business, we identify the core considerations that will affect the valuation of the company.

The earlier you start positioning your company for a sale, the more time you have to review and eliminate any non-productive assets or activities to help you achieve the best valuation when you are ready to sell.

Understanding your current position in the market sector is the first step

We recommend a comprehensive, objective assessment of where the business stands today, your position in your market sector and compared with your competitors, to give you a realistic view of how sellable the business is now and what you may need to do to increase its value.

Reviewing your current and planned investments and assets is important

It’s important to review long-term or continuing investments and assess the requirement for buildings, facilities or technology upgrades depending on the proposed timetable for the sale.

Some forms of investment – for example in infrastructure or in equipment that is not likely to become obsolete quickly – may well increase the valuation if the potential acquirer sees these as saving them cost that would be required in the short to medium term.  Other investment that may not be relevant to the acquirer’s operation or future plans could be a waste of money for you in the light of your sale plans.  It makes sense, therefore, to identify a range of potential acquirers as early as possible and consider your investment plans accordingly.

Checking your operation’s readiness makes your business easier to evaluate

It can be easy to take the day-to-day operations of your business for granted and overlook the importance of reviewing these activities when preparing to sell your business.  We advise a comprehensive assessment of your accounting, IPR, sales, delivery and financial activities to make sure that your business is as easy for potential acquirers to evaluate as possible – and that your key business information, products and services are fully protected.  We can advise on all aspects of this process.

Work with specialist, experienced advisors

The KLO specialists are expert at helping company owners assess and review their business to make sure you are presenting it in the most appropriate way to potential purchases.  With extensive personal as well as professional experience of preparing businesses for sale, we can handle as much of the process for you as you need or support and advise you through the activities you prefer to manage yourself.

The KLO team can advise and guide you no matter how far ahead you are seeking to sell.