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May 19

How do you deal with an approach to buy your business? – Step 1

I am sure you have often heard the legend – no it really is a myth, no more than that, it’s a fantasy – about the business owner who met someone in a pub who offered  £1m (or any other aspirational number) to the owner to hand over the keys and walk away.  I have […]

Apr 20

Exit strategy and planning – Getting the most for your company when you decide to sell – Part 3

Part 3: Enabling issues which should be in place before a sale  These issues will not necessarily provide a premium valuation, but the absence of them could lead to some discount in the valuation or might hold up a sale. Shareholders agreement regulating the rights of all shareholders and ensuring that minorities can be included […]

Feb 13

Exit Planning in practice – from zero to £1m

There’s a lot of information about exit planning available on our site and others, but here is a real life, practical example. My client is the owner of an engineering / installation business. They have been in their sector for more than 20 years. When I assessed the business (the first stage) they had been […]

Feb 11

So you want to buy the business you work for & do an MBO?

Many people dream of running their own business and sometimes you’ll be in a position to think about ab MBO or buying the business you work in. There’s a whole raft of things to think about along the way but here are a few to consider. If you are successful in buying the business, that’s […]