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Buying a Business

The opportunity to buy a business can present itself from two angles: someone comes to you with the opportunity either directly or via an M&A adviser or growing by acquisition is a key part of your business strategy.

The question of whether an acquisition is right for you should be evaluated each and every time an opportunity arises.

Buying a business is unlikely to take less than 6 months and may well take a year. The process can be extremely time consuming and fraught with difficulty, often distracting you from your existing responsibilities.

We know that acquisitions can carry a high degree of risk to the existing business and can advise you on how to make sure the process is successful by properly planning and implementing the necessary activities.

Offering you solid, experienced and professional advice, we support clients to buy businesses by using proven methods

  • help you to develop your acquisition strategy
  • engage in a detailed research of potential targets and present succinct, relevant background information on those identified as having a “good fit”
  • help you and the seller learn to trust each other
  • help you prepare properly for every meeting with the seller and chair all meetings
  • negotiate the value and the terms on your behalf and minimise your face to face negotiation
  • help you plan and implement due diligence
  • project manage the purchase with your accountants, lawyers and tax advisers

The KLO team can help you decide whether an acquisition makes sense for your business and support you through the process.